Hi i cant transfer my credit to terra-cex I tried many times but it's Uwu standing pending.
Do you support Canada?
I added my bank account but it says that I have to deposit money to verify it.  I have money at my bank but I don't understand how to deposit it on Terra Cex.  Can you help me please?Sylvia Favero
20.11.2019 I withdrew tokens bitforex the transaction is confirmed but they are not on thesite why
I sent my credit coins from Bitforex wallet to terra-cex credit wallet but I can't find out them in terra-cex credit wallet.please, check my wallet and let me know about this.My credit wallet is CTvHiqpMr1vhUtEB13qLbYSFzYrhioVtW5.
A few days ago, i decide to test wihtdrawing my 0.001 ETH out from this wallet to erc20 compatible wallet,i read the minimum withdraw is about 0.001 ETH and theres no fees until dec 2019.but when the withdrawal has been submited, i received notifications that my withdrawal is FAILED.. what is the problem sir? can u explaine me? why don't u put the detail about the wd fess or minim requirement of all coins on their wihtdrawal pages?
hellohow do i get your bank details to make deposit....please reply
Hello,I want to ask if I can convert my CREDIT coin to Bitcoin or any Fiat currency 
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How can I mine in terracex?
I deposit 1000 coin to my tellus pay app but not showing up and terracex say withdrawal complete pls what happened 
Please how do I fund my account with local currency?
The withdrawal from terracex to terracex has not been confirmed. I ordered a withdrawal about 9 hours ago.
when send eth
 hi how long will the remaining order take for the eth to be converted to credit?

Not possible to do avatar ? From côte d'ivoire 
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